CAMO Services

At LSA, we have many years experience maintaining aircraft in the GA sector. We provide an affordable solution for your maintenance requirements, whilst ensuring high standards at all times and a fast turn round.


Learn to fly at Oxford Airport, or extend your capabilities with an additional rating.

As a Declared Training Organisation, we can now offer PPL (A) Training, SEP and MEP Rating Renewals and

Flight Instructor revalidations.

Airworthiness Reviews, Maintenance Tracking and programme development and management are just a few of the services offered

In addition to CAMO Services, we can also provide contracted Quality Management and CAM Services for your facility.

Flight Training / Self Hire


Aircraft management services doesn't have to be just for the corporate aircraft and airline sectors. Help maintain the value of your aircraft by engaging with us and we will manage and maintain your aircraft, ensure compliance with the regulations at all times